Mazda Used Auto Parts And Custom Parts For The MX5 Mk1 & Mk2 


Welcome to my first choice spares. My first choice spares have been established since 2009 we have been selling all Mazda used Auto parts for the mk1 & mk2 for the last 5 years and have been very successful selling all our online Mazda parts.


We are currently one of the largest breakers online selling MX5 used parts and are growing more and more each day.


If you have any worries, or questions to ask us our staff are hear to give you friendly expert advice on your MX5 and help our customers solve there problems.


My first choice spares have currently started to specialise in servicing, car sales, repairs, MOT, and customising parts for the MX5.


As a breakers we stock all secondhand parts for the Mazda MX5 mk1 & mk2 any parts you do not see on our site you can contact us via the contact page.