How Do We Know Our Hoods Need Replacing?

And How To Extend The Life Of Our MX5 Frame Which The Hood Fits To.


Have you ever seen splits in your vinyl hood? This is because your vinyl hood is showing age and now is

time to be replaced. Have you ever experience water dripping inside the car I.E on your legs? This is because water can get into the rubber seals and it collects water either from shrinkage in the hood or poor fit this also can be because of age of the vinyl hood having splits in it which water can get inside the rubber seals coursing it to drip inside the car this can course many problems I.E damp,Mould and even wet seats. 


The frame the hood fits to can also suffer from rust because of this problem the rust can damage the frame and this can course the frame to eventually have to be changed completely which I have been told is a expensive cost of £800 from Mazda so to avoid this problem we need to change our hoods more regular to prevent this from happening. However in mohair hoods we can still get leaks around the top of the door this can be due to poor fit this can be due to some aftermarket hoods and then again you will have water going into the top of the seals at the top of the door your then find when going around corners or even closing the door you can get water dripping inside either on the seats or your legs which can be pretty annoying. I would say in my opinion that mohair hoods are always the best to go for due to not having the worry of splitting above the window area and have the worry of shrinking which is a common fault in vinyl roofs, in my opinion the mohair hood also looks better giving the car a better classier finish. 


Another real reason why I would choose a mohair hood is because when you first have the hood fitted these close a lot easier than vinyl, vinyl is very tight to close until it stretches and for this to stretch you have to keep the hood closed for a week or so for it to be more easier to close in the future.


fold hood down when the window is still zipped up ALWAYS unzip window and then fold down your hood. One thing you should know over a period of time the window can go brittle and normally how you l know this is the window sometimes is a yellow colour rather than a clear see through colour. When the window looks like this it is more easy to break the window by not unzipping and folding the roof down, however another thing you should know is you should try and put a cloth under the window so it protects the window from scratches and any other damage, so basically you should   hood latches first then unzip rear window,lay window flat so it doe's not get damaged then your ready to fold hood down.


When putting hood up you should always pull hood up first then zip window up and then lastly clip down hood latches. However if you don't do this in this order you could have a good possible chance breaking the zip around the window or even splitting the stitching,if this happens it either means a new complete hood or another window stitched in so always take good care when using your hood to extend the life of your hood.